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Nectar House - Closed

1947 South Broadway Denver, CO 80209 | South Denver | 720-435-0074

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Nectar House is in the business of disproving everyone's assumptions about what a raw/vegan menu can look like. Sure, not using animal products or cooking anything means the food looks a little different, but everything on the Nectar House board is tasty and fresh -- and healthy, too, if that's your thing. The eatery -- located in the lobby area of Kindness Yoga – has breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert offerings. And if you’re looking for a quick smoothie, juice, or a pot of fresh herbal tea, Nectar House is full of liquid assets. The drink menu has pages of fresh and infused delicacies, including a "potions" menu that contains bewitching beverages brewed up with an array of herbs, flavorings and gemstone essences that will help just about any ailment you have. And yoga-class participants get discounts on their post-class sustenance, as well.

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