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R&R Denver

4958 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80220 | East Denver | 303-320-9337

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The rainbow blocks painted on the door and the Coors Pride light let patrons know from the get-go that R&R is a gay bar, but it's gay in both senses of the word. It's a cozy, clean space filled with friendly interruptions and lively conversations, and you don't need a specific sexual preference to be welcomed. R&R feels more like a cocktail party at someone's house than a bar -- that is, if that person lit their apartment with black lights and had a large white Formica bar. It's also a comfortable place where patrons' birthdays are posted each month on a whiteboard and people introduce themselves as friends while critiquing the bartender's pours with a laugh. R&R hosts a dart league for its two electric dartboards and sells dart-related supplies, and there's a large vending machine stocked with chips and cigs.

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