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2601 E. 3rd Ave. Denver, CO 80206 | Central Denver | 720-536-5464

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Revampt's Cherry Creek location is finally complete with renovations. Our goal is to minimize serious renovations to the existing structure so as to ensure the integrity and style of one of Cherry Creek North's original brick buildings. Built around the turn of the century, the location was originally a set of 3 residences. Since the 1950's, the location has been used as a dentist office. The decades of renovations and changes have posed a significant challenge! The previously unexposed floor is now being patched and refinished. Daniel and Keir peeled back multiple layers of decades old flooring to expose the wood. The 100 year old pine has character that is hard to replicate, which is why they decided to keep it rather than replace it with purchased reclaimed wood or some other material. The interior masonry also has an older appeal to it; that is why the founders have spent the time to carefully expose some of the brickwork. The changes to the front of the store are the summation of Revampt's minimalist approach. Instead of cutting away large amounts of brick in order to increase the visibility of the storefront, the decision was made to simply add bay windows around existing doorways and windows. The original windows and doorways will allow for natural light and access to the store's displays. We want the old character of the building to shine through the new renovations; this ultimately fit's with Revampt's mission.