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Rustic Tavern

5126 W. 29th Ave. Denver, CO 80212 | Northwest Denver | 303-455-9843

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The Rustic Tavern is happy to be what it is: just a bar. Opened more than 53 years ago by JoAnn Turner and her husband, the simple neighborhood beer joint doubles as a comforting abode for regulars and strangers alike. The original Formica bar top has seen thousands of happy elbows, and the wooden booths are equally worn from decades of content customers looking for a drinking place. Virtually everything's original -- from the sweet and chatty owner to the vintage pool table -- but Rustic Tavern's best-kept secret is its patio. Just outside the back door is an incredible view of the Denver skyline, which can be enjoyed from the grass-covered yard any time of the year.

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