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Shooters Lounge & Restaurant

inside Sonesta Lanes Denver, CO 80229 | North Denver | 303-430-8017

Location Description:

You've seen The Big Lebowski. And even if you haven't, you've been to a bowling alley bar. Shooters is a bowling alley bar. More specifically, Shooters finds itself buried within the Sonesta Lanes in Thornton. It's much of what you'd expect: A window from Shooters looks out on the lanes for quick beer delivery to thirsty competitors, then curves into a longer, more traditional bar inside. What you might not expect at a bowling alley is such a cavernous space behind the stool service. The long joint boasts pool tables, karaoke on some nights and an atmosphere that might befit your boss's retirement party. The best thing to do is just saddle up and order White Russians all around.