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Stadium Inn

1701 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80210 | South Denver | 303-733-4031

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Be it fact or folklore, the Stadium Inn claims to sell more Jim Beam per square foot than any other bar in the country. This stat means $2 Beam drinks and shots all day, every day. It also means that each October, the first fifty lushes to sample all seven varieties of Beam that the bar offers receive a Degree of Bourbonology, an honor confirmed the following January in a cap-and-gown ceremony and other shenanigans. With these wallet-friendly (and resume-building) incentives, how can you afford not to wander into (and later stumble out of) the Stadium Inn for some cheap, cheap Beam?

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The Stadium Inn of today provides a cozy yet unrefined atmosphere of vinyl booths, pool tables, digital juke box, Jim Beam and Budwieser swag. Students and locals play pool, watch sports and unwind in its friendly confines. With school ties both eponymous and sentimental, the Stadium has taken its place among the city's most beloved