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Ted's Montana Grill

1401 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80202 | Downtown Denver | 303-893-0654

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Big sky, big portions, big spaces, big plans -- that should be the motto of the Ted's Montana Grill chain. All the locations are large, steakhouse-fancy and comfortable, whether you're dining alone or with twenty of your closest friends. The menu is as expansive as the portions, covering a lot of comfort-food territory while managing to consistently pimp the (surprisingly good) breed of Buffalo that owner and namesake Ted Turner has raised specifically for his bison temples.

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The first Ted's Montana Grill opened in Columbus, Ohio, in January of 2002. Ten years later, every Ted's is a proud tribute to the ingredients, meals and hospitality that define the Great American West while preserving and building the bison herds in America. By featuring the biggest bison menu in the world, Ted’s Montana Grill has made bison a popular menu choice today in dining, providing incentive for ranchers to actively grow their herds.