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The European Mart

5225 Leetsdale Drive Denver, CO 80246 | Southeast Denver | 303-321-7144

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The European Mart proves that good things come in small packages. This tiny store is packed to overflowing with smoked fish and sauerkraut, kasha and Danish cheeses, even Swiss specialties and Hungarian tidbits tracked down by owner Dmitry Gershengorin -- and the deli case is full of imported meats, pretty cakes and other baked items. You'll find such specialties as ajvar, a bittersweet spread made from eggplant and bell peppers, plus many different kinds of smoked fish, plenty of odd-looking pâtés, and tons of unidentifiable canned items that the grocers are happy to explain. Because Glendale boasts a sizable Russian population, the Mart also stocks Moscow's newspapers and Russian dolls. Caviar fans should ask if there's any on hand: Gershengorin often has the best price on fish eggs in town.

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