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The Giving Tree of Denver

2707 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 | Northwest Denver | 303-477-8888

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For better or worse, the Giving Tree does things a little differently than other dispensaries --­­ and has for a long time. The initial patient questionnaire for medical customers isn't the normal boilerplate material crafted by a lawyer; instead, the dispensary asks questions about what strains you prefer, whether you find that smoking or eating helps your condition more, and whether you're seeking more of a head or a body high. Appropriately, the Giving Tree is located next door to a florist in an old shopping center on West 38th Avenue, tucked into a tiny, somewhat discreet storefront. The setup at the bud bar is nice, with two counters separated by a refrigerated display case full of edibles that makes the place feel a bit like a deli. The beige walls are a welcome change from the seemingly mandatory green hues that most dispensaries opt for. Instead of simply pointing out the best strains in the house or waiting for your questions, budtenders here start out by asking what you're in for and what you look for in strains. Read our full dispensary review of the Giving Tree of Denver.

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