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The Hai Bar

3600 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211 | Northwest Denver | 720-855-0888

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A gracious extension of its next door, multi-level restaurant and lounge, Sushi Hai, Hai Bar is a beautiful underground sanctuary spreading across two spacious basement rooms. Equitably designed for both sushi nibbling and cocktails, plush couches and within-reach tables mix with wall-to-wall booths, standing bar tops and private rooms for six or more. Live DJs, Texas Hold 'Em tournaments and karaoke are all weekend attractions, along with flat-screens throughout playing everything from music videos to football games. With a built-in sushi bar, patrons can order fresh rolls or anything off the upper restaurant's full menu. A laundry list of specialty saketinis, martinis and cocktails add to Hai Bar's full-on sensory experience.

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