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Universal Herbs

800 Park Ave. W. Denver, CO 80205 | Downtown Denver | 303-756-1414

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Universal Herbs has parking just west of the storefront, and the shop looks somewhat sketchy from the outside, with the owners having left the previous tenants' gridded metal ironwork over the doors and windows. Behind the greeting counter is an unnecessary amount of space for the shop's offices. Patients sit across from all of this on plastic chairs, and the whole thing has a public­-utilities feel, as if you're buying pot from the DMV. There's indica on one shelf of the bud bar, sativa on the other. Also on hand are grams of "flake" wax. The regular­-tier buds are in jars in the glass counters. Out of those eight strains, only two or three are worth bringing home. There are a few strains worth noting, though, and if Universal Herbs can get the rest of their buds up to this level, the shop might make a name for itself. Read our full dispensary review of Universal Herbs.

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