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Waffle Brothers - Closed

393 Corona St. Denver, CO 80218 | Central Denver | 303-733-1212

Location Description:

You know the frozen waffles that come 24 to a box, 72 if you shop the chaotic aisles of Costco? The waffles that you'll eat at Waffle Brothers are not those waffles. No, these waffles -- yeasty, caramelized, misshapen, chewy, simultaneously savory and sweet, toasty and tinged the color of a tiger's eye -- are made-to-order morning glories conceived by two friends (not brothers) who spent nearly the same number of years fine-tuning the essential Belgian waffle at a downtown cart. Now they're showing off everything they learned at an actual indoor venue, where you can enjoy your waffle -- topped with everything from lemon curd and fresh kiwi to marshmallow fluff and cranberry -- while sitting at a table and using silverware.

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  • Cuisine(s): Breakfast
  • Hours: Daily 7am-4pm
  • Price: $
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Parking: No Parking
  • Features: Catering, Delivery, Kid Friendly, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible

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Business Description

The Waffle Brothers are two guys (John Power from Las Vegas and Rod Dupen from Sydney, Australia) who went from real estate investing and brokering to spending a year and a half devoting themselves to the creation of a Waffle. They then spent the next three years working festivals, fairs, parties, charity events and the streets of Denver to promote and brand the Waffle Brothers Waffle. In March of 2010 the Brothers finally established the first Waffle Brothers restaurant. Along with the already extensive list of topped Waffles they have added other assorted breakfast items such as breakfast bagels, breakfast sandwiches, burritos, milk shakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, Espresso, coffee, lattes, the most delicious lunch sandwiches and a variety of yummy gluten free edibles to their menu.