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Wellness Center of Denver

330 S. Dayton St. Denver, CO 80247 | Southeast Denver | 303-856-7798

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Situated close to Aurora, Wellness Center of Denver does a good job of making both yuppies and hipsters feel at home. The waiting room is spacious and decorated with furniture you'd find in a suburban home, but unless the place is packed, you won't spend much time in there. Wellness Center of Denver's employees say the building used to be a bank, and the bud bar doesn't deviate from its history. Each budtender operates in a closed booth with a curtain to close if you want to feel like you're voting and buying weed at the same time. Wellness Center typically has between ten and fifteen strains for medical and recreational, with a decent selection of edibles and concentrates, and the shop accepts both credit and debit cards. Read our full dispensary review of Wellness Center of Denver.

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Business Description

Wellness Center of Denver is a city licensed, state compliant medical marijuana center.