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West Arvada Dog Park

17975 W. 64th Parkway Arvada, CO 80004 | Northwest Denver Suburbs | 720-898-7000

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The West Arvada Dog Park is a five-acre, fenced-in park that is a paradise for all pooches; it even has a separate area for shy and small dogs. The park is operated by volunteers and open year-round.

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Business Description

A well-exercised dog is a happier and healthier pet. An exercised pet is more likely to be a better neighbor. Puppies and dogs who get enough exercise by playing in an enclosed dog park are less likely to create a nuisance, bark excessively, destroy property, jump on passers-by, etc. Owning a dog encourages people to exercise. Walking with a dog has been found to stimulate social interaction with other humans. In an era where people are ofter reluctant or afraid to approach and converse with a complete stranger, dog parks bring people together in a safe environment and create a greater sense of community. Dog parks help eliminate the number of dog-related complaints from users of other city parks (joggers, walkers, ball players) by providing an alternative exercise area just for dogs. West Arvada Dog Park volunteers host community outreach and educational opportunities at the park.