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William's Tavern

421-423 E. 17th Ave. Denver, CO 80203 | Central Denver | 303-861-9813

Location Description:

Williams Tavern is a no-frills joint on the 17th Avenue Uptown drag, a discreet bar sitting within a strip of ever-changing storefronts. The sparsely adorned spot has a pool table and a dartboard, but most folks just come to drink, a mix of suits and baseball caps crowding the place during the weekend. The only thing sticking out from the low-key decor is a handful of church pews running along the middle of the tavern, but the odd seating choice goes unnoticed when the bar fills up. A bag of chips or a frozen pizza might be on hand for a hungry patron, but booze is Williams Tavern's specialty.

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    This is how utterly shitfaced our bartender is: He's considerably more drunk than I am, and I'm in 1:30-a.m., slumped-over-the-bar, double-fisting-PBRs kind of shape. But I'm happy, and so...
  • Dining: Columns
    I became a fan of Williams Tavern the moment I saw the piece of paper hanging on a wall reading "Any tab left open will be closed and a 20% gratuity will be added." That simple sign told me...

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