Ask a Stoner: Does CBD Treat Dogs and Humans the Same?

Dear Stoner: Can you tell me if CBD treats the same issues for dogs as it does for humans? I need something for a dog with inflammation from a degenerative joint disease, as well as anxiety and a fussy attitude from the pain.

Dear Marty: Sorry to hear about your pooch. Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital is currently studying how CBD can help osteoarthritis in animals, and you can get information on the institution's website. Also, Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital recently held a forum on medical marijuana for veterinarians and pet owners, so you can also reach out to real experts there or any other veterinarian interested in CBD.
I'm no veterinarian, but I can tell you that CBD helps many of the same conditions in animals as it does in humans; as with humans, CBD oil can give animals relief from certain forms of epilepsy, joint pain, inflammation, anxiety, skin disorders and more. Most conditions require the oil to be ingested orally by dogs, but the dosage varies depending on the size of the dog. According to Wheat Ridge veterinarians, you should start with 0.1 to 0.5 milligrams of CBD for every kilogram your pet weighs, twice a day, and stay with the animal for at least two hours to see how it reacts.

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