Ten Colorado-Made Chillums and One-Hitters

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On 4/20, it's all about smoking on the go — and what better to bring with you than pipes made by artisans working right here in Colorado? Whether you want a small pipe to slip discreetly in your pocket or a Gandalf bowl, here are ten creations that are sure to turn heads.
Colorado Blown
Colorado Blown
Mary Cherry creates each pipe by hand in Cortez.

Denver-based endioDesigns has been creating pipes since before 2009. The pieces boast color-changing doughnut Sherlock designs, and they're made right here in the Mile High.

Frostbyte Glass
Frostebyte, located in Winter Park, creates funky, multi-colored pipes with swirls, sparkles and even designs like Stormtroopers and the Colorado Flag.

Globe Glass
Globe Glass
Each piece is made in Boulder with borosilicate glass, in a variety of colors and swirls.

Inferno Valley
Inferno Valley
Located in Arvada, Inferno Valley specializes in animal designs, as well as pipes that glow in the dark.

Read on for more Colorado-made pipes.
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