Cheap Herb: Denver Dispensaries Selling Eighths for $25 or Less

Frosted Leaf features quick service and cheap buds.EXPAND
Frosted Leaf features quick service and cheap buds.
Scott Lentz

If someone called me a weed snob, I wouldn't argue: There's nothing wrong with enjoying nice things. There's also nothing wrong with saving money. I have a friend who likes $20 glasses of wine and another who prefers Two-Buck Chuck, and both are fun to drink with. But at least both of them know where to find their drink of choice.

While every neighborhood has a gem of a liquor store with cheap bombers and Banquet suitcases, you often need to shop around to find the best prices. When you're looking for cannabis, you're considering not only price, but quality, and the range in both can be vast. Flower around town costs anywhere from $25 to $65 an eighth, and the difference in quality is just as wide-ranging.

When price is definitely an object, there are some go-to spots where you can always count on finding at least two or three decent strains available for $25 an eighth — no shake, no popcorn buds, no coupon required. And they are:

Frosted Leaf at 6302 East Colfax Avenue.
Frosted Leaf at 6302 East Colfax Avenue.
Scott Lentz

Frosted Leaf
Three metro locations

Cross Genetics
4902 East Smith Road

Universal Herbs
800 Park Avenue West

Terrapin Care Station
Five metro locations

Riverrock Wellness
990 West Sixth Avenue
4935 York Street

Urban Dispensary
2675 West 38th Avenue

Golden Meds
4620 Peoria Street
970 South Oneida Street

Upcoming Events

The Lodge
3944 High Street

Six metro locations

Pure Medical Dispensary
Three metro locations

20 East Ninth Avenue

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