Denver Neighborhoods With the Most Marijuana Dispensaries: Baker, Five Points, Elyria Swansea

With over 200 dispensaries in town, Denver has the most of any city in Colorado.
With over 200 dispensaries in town, Denver has the most of any city in Colorado. Scott Lentz
There are about 220 active dispensary licenses within the Denver city limits, according to the state Marijuana Enforcement Division. But where are they located?

We took the list of licenses in the Mile High and cross-referenced their addresses with the City of Denver's official neighborhood designations, and the results show definite concentrations of dispensaries in certain parts of town.

Northeast neighborhoods, such as Elyria Swansea, Globeville, Montbello and Northeast Park Hill, all have a high concentration of pot shops, as do areas off Broadway, such as the Baker and Overland neighborhoods. But nineteen Denver neighborhoods don't have a single dispensary within their boundaries, and the southwest part of town (Bear Valley, Fort Logan, Harvey Park and Harvey Park South) is a retail cannabis desert, with exactly one dispensary.

Curious how many dispensaries are in your neck of the woods? Here's our breakdown:

Athmar Park: 4

Auraria: 0

Baker: 12

Barnum: 3

Barnum West: 1

Bear Valley: 0

Belcaro: 1

Berkeley: 3

Central Business District: 2

Capitol Hill: 6

Chaffee Park: 0

Cheesman Park: 3

Cherry Creek: 3

City Park: 1

City Park West: 1

Civic Center: 2

Clayton: 0

Cole: 3

College View - South Platte: 5

Congress Park: 0

Cory - Merrill: 0

Country Club: 0

DIA: 1

East Colfax: 3

Elyria Swansea: 13

Five Points: 11

Fort Logan: 1

Gateway - Green Valley Ranch: 0

Globeville: 7

Goldsmith: 2

Hale: 1

Hampden: 6

Hampden South: 2

Harvey Park: 0

Harvey Park South: 0

Highland: 3

Hilltop: 0
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