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Golden Meds Leetsdale

970 S. Oneida St.
Denver, CO 80224
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  • Menu Categories: Drinks
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  • Payment: Cash
  • Product Source: Growers
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Golden Meds Leetsdale +

Scott Lentz


  • Daily 8 a.m.- 10 p.m.
The second Golden Meds location to open in Denver embraces the same affordable approach as its older brother off I-70, providing customers with at least eight to ten strains at two price levels (neither of which go over $15 a gram after tax). The newly renovated bud rooms — two separate storefronts in an old south Denver strip mall — have bud bars and glassware displays that wrap around the interior, providing some elbow room while you browse. Employees are especially proud of Golden Meds wax, which they say is made from internally grown buds and trim, and tests at over 75 percent THC. Edible-lovers might be interested in checking out Golden Meds' extensive lineup of munchies that give you the munchies; there are over forty types of cookies, candy bars and other pot-infused goodies to choose from. Although true cannabis connoisseurs might want to look elsewhere for the dankest in town, if you’re trying to take bong tokes on a budget, this is the place to go.

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