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Herbs4You +

Scott Lentz


  • Tues-Sun 9 a.m.-9:50 p.m., Mon 10 a.m.-9:50 p.m.
Inside, Herbs4You could be the front office for just about any small, private business. Stock office furniture and couches occupy the small, forgettable waiting room, and the only indications that you're in a medical marijuana dispensary are the name of the shop, the secured entryway, and the dozens of Amsterdam­-related items hung on the otherwise bare white walls. The shop is clean, very clean ­--­ OCD clean, even. When we visited, the glass was un­smudged, the waiting room was spotless and organized, and the entire shop was brightly lit and welcoming. Indicas are in a glass counter on the left, and sativas are in a counter on the right. Herb is kept in screw­-top jars, and everything is well­-stocked, so it's easy to get a look at the buds from a distance. And while a good amount of the selection is forgettable, it's worth checking out the shop for those three or four strains being done right.

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