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Lightshade Sheridan

1126 S. Sheridan Blvd.
Denver, CO 80219
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Lightshade Sheridan +

Scott Lentz


  • Daily 9 a.m.-9:45 p.m.
The newest Lightshade Labs location, on Sheridan Boulevard, doesn't sit on the most visually appealing stretch of town, but didn't your mother always tell you that it's what's on the inside that matters? The waiting room of this dispensary looks more like the lobby of a restaurant or day spa, with rustic furniture and chrome finishing to modernize the atmosphere, along with some art for you to check out. Try not to get overwhelmed by all of the offerings available once you're inside the bud bar; Lightshade usually has around fifty strain-specific joints to choose from, as well as a wide selection of concentrates, edibles and merchandise. Lightshade says it grows its own cannabis, and it offers daily deals for medical patients and recreational customers.

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