Our Favorite Strain Reviews Since Legalization

So many strains, so little time.
So many strains, so little time. Scott Lentz
Being a cannabis critic isn't all joints and blow jobs. Some of these strains are hard to understand, especially for an outsider to the industry. Amendment 64 passed five years ago, in November 2012, and Denver now houses over 200 retail pot shops and MMJ dispensaries, with hundreds more around Colorado. How could one person possibly profile everything they stock?

That's a challenge many would like to take on, and I've been lucky to have the privilege. I've tried nearly 150 recreational strains for this gig, profiling each one. Just tallying that made one of my lungs shrivel up and fall off like a dead gourd, but it's a lot more fun than being a coal miner in West Virginia. I've tried strains that are funky, sour, creamy, earthy and everything in between. Some have been exquisite. Others have tasted like ass.

None of the strains in the following reviews fall into all of those categories at once, but they all stand out in their own right. To help celebrate recreational legalization's fifth anniversary, here are my ten favorite recreational strain reviews and profiles, from youngest to oldest.

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Rebel against the smell of dog food, and represent with Commerce City Kush.
Herbert Fuego
Commerce City Kush

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Enjoy Lucinda Williams in your lungs, then your ears.
Herbert Fuego
Lucinda Williams

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Know what I mean, Cookies and Cream?
Herbert Fuego
Cookies and Cream

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Gorilla Glue is good for beginning growers.
Herbert Fuego
Gorilla Glue

Bubba Kush

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