Ask a Stoner: What's a Good Strain for a Beginning Grower?


Dear Stoner:
My roommate and I were thinking about getting into growing. I own the house and am learning about equipment, but what are some good strains to start with? Are some better for beginners than others?
New Jack

Dear Jack: Treat growing cannabis like cooking: Some dishes are easier than others. There are so many factors that can make one strain more difficult than another, including vegetation and flowering time, reaction to trimming, resilience against pests, temperature and light changes, and much more. Only experience will help you control these variables with different strains, but some are definitely more low-maintenance than others.
Gorilla Glue is good for beginning growers.
Indicas and hybrids are generally easiest for beginners. Indicas are hardier and take less time and attention compared to their fussier sativa counterparts. Northern Lights and White Widow are two classic indica-heavy strains that new growers like because of how tough they are indoors and their relatively easy maintenance during flowering. Gorilla Glue #4 is a surprisingly easy strain with a high potency, and it loves nutrients, which many novice growers rely on when starting out.

Afghani is another tough old broad: Anything that survives naturally in the Himalayas can survive in your basement if you give half an effort.

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