Ask a Stoner: Are There Any Weed Products That Don't Stink?

Dear Stoner: What pot products won't stink up the place? THC pills?

Dear George: Different varieties of cannabis display a vast range of distinct odors, some of which can be very potent. All of those gassy, sour, skunky and sweet smells that stink up your stash box are from terpenes, plant compounds that give off the scents you're trying to avoid. Terpenes are found in lavender, pine, hops and citrus, among other common kinds of vegetation, which is why certain aspects of Tangerine Kush or Sour Diesel might smell similar to everyday aromas. 
Most extractions used to make infused products, such as cannabutter and butane hash oil, extract terpenes as well as such cannabinoids as CBD and THC, so the majority of them smell like pot from the moment they're made to the moment you poop ’em out (seriously, don't eat an edible if you're a closet stoner with a gas problem). But concentrates made from most forms of CO2 extraction and molecular distillation completely remove the terpenes as they isolate the cannabinoids, and a growing number of infused-product companies are using those processes. Ask your budtender for products made from distillate or CO2 oil with no added terpenes next time, and your nostrils will thank you.
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Herbert Fuego is the resident stoner at Westword, ready to answer all your marijuana questions.
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