Music for Your Lungs: Our Favorite Strains Named After Musicians

Curren$y's love of fast cars and weed jars led him to christen Andretti OG as his own commercial strain.
Curren$y's love of fast cars and weed jars led him to christen Andretti OG as his own commercial strain. Courtesy of Curren$y's Instagram page
Music and marijuana: They might not be synonymous for everyone, but for those who love the combination, enjoying one without the other just isn't the same. In particular, many musicians have attached themselves to the plant, so it only makes sense that cannabis strains be named in their honor from time to time.

Some of these strains have been named in a partnership between musicians and commercial cultivations, while others emerged from black-market breeders who noticed a similarity between a strain's effects and the way an artist's music made them feel. Either way, any of these strains will help you reach the high note you're looking for.

Andretti OG (Curren$y)
Curren$y is one of the few rappers who actually smokes as much as his lyrics say he does. The New Orleans native, who once included rolling trays as part of a gift package with his CD, lent his alter ego, Spitta Andretti, to a heavy indica of unknown origins. Andretti OG is known for high resin production and a dank, musty smell common to OG strains. Andretti OG is currently only available in Southern California dispensaries, but it could make its way to Colorado soon.

Berry White
The Berry White strain may have been named for its genetics rather than its similarities to Barry White's music, but the hybrid is still classic and smooth, just like ol' Barry. A product of Blueberry and White Widow strains, Berry White is known for a sweet berry flavor and balanced high; it's perfect for creativity and upbeat moods. It can currently be found at Denver Kush Club. Aww, yeah...

Deadhead OG
It's only fitting that America's most beloved jam band has its own strain, and Deadhead OG's couch lock can make a fifteen-minute Grateful Dead session that much better. The pungent, heavy indica is known for its Diesel and piney flavors, a product of its Chemdawg 91 and San Fernando Valley OG Kush genetics. Good Chemistry, Natural Remedies, Oasis Cannabis Superstore and Universal Herbs all currently carry the strain.

Green Suicide (Juicy J)
Juicy J announced the release of his Green Suicide strain last year, the same time he debuted a song of the same name, and not much has come of that announcement since.  Some dispensaries and delivery services in California still list the strain on their menus, though. Like other celebrity strains to recently emerge, Green Suicide's genetics are undisclosed, but it's said to be a potent indica-dominant hybrid.

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