Ten Places That the DEA Thinks Teens Are Hiding Their Weed

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently terrified parents with this tweet: "Find out where your kids hide drugs," with a link to a page on GetSmartAboutDrugs.gov, a DEA-produced site designed specifically for parents, educators and caregivers. This particular page, titled Hiding Places, lists spots that people should look if they think kids might be smoking marijuana.

Here are those suspicious spots:

1. Alarm Clocks
Because they're a common item to have in a kids' room, the DEA site says parents should look inside the battery hatch for baggies of bud.

2. Candy Containers and/or Wrappers
Drugs can be camouflaged inside of empty containers that once contained candy. This is a clever hiding place because "a lot of the edible drugs — such as ecstasy or some of the marijuana edibles — look like candy anyway," according to the DEA.

3. Car Interior
Nothing will make parents regret giving a teen his own car more than discovering the car is serving as a major stash box. Since searching an entire car is quite an undertaking, the DEA offers a few helpful suggestions of where to start, including inside the glove compartment, on the bottom of the seats, behind the steering wheel and in the trunk.

4. Game Consoles
Think your kids are spending too much time playing video games? The DEA gives you another reason to be concerned: They could be hiding weed in the console. "PlayStation, Wii, Xboxes — all of them have small spaces where teens could hide drugs," the site notes.

5. Graphing Calculator
Is your teen staying up nights doing algebra or calculus? It's obviously because there's pot in the calculator. As with alarm clocks, the battery compartment of a calculator can hide tiny bags of weed.

Read on for more places where the DEA thinks teens are hiding their weed.

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