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Three Edibles Brands Pumping Out Vegan Goodies

Zendo Edibles
Zendo Edibles
There's little transparency when it comes to what goes in the products on dispensary shelves. If you ask a budtender or dispensary if its products are organic and pesticide-free, they should know the answer. Don't ever take, "That's a loosely thrown-around term" for an answer. It's not.

Wherever you purchase your cannabis edibles, you need to know if they're coming from an honest source that won't harm your way of living, especially if you're vegan. Remember, these food products aren't regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It's up to local government agencies — and outside of Denver, many have little background knowledge and few resources to play cannabis watchdog — to enforce health standards.

So what are vegans, some of the most obsessive eaters when it comes to ingredients, supposed to do? Have no fear: Here are three quality edibles companies that make vegan products you can find around Colorado.

click to enlarge Wana sour gummies with CBD. - WWW.WANABRANDS.COM
Wana sour gummies with CBD.
Wana Brands

You've probably seen Wana Brand products all over Colorado pot shops, which might imply "corporate" to some. However, all of its gummies and jewels are made with pectin, not gelatin, which makes all those tasty treats vegan! Wana is a trusted Colorado brand and one of the original-infused product manufacturers in the state, having started in 2010 (it's since branched out to Oregon and Nevada). Wanna try a go-to, always reliable vegan treat? Wana has you covered.

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click to enlarge Canyon Cultivation hard candies. - WWW.CANYONCULTIVATION.COM
Canyon Cultivation hard candies.
Canyon Cultivation

All of Canyon Cultivation's products are made in-house using a proprietary extraction process that is completely free of any non-medicinal plant constituents and full of high-quality organic ingredients, according to the company. All of their products are vegan and made in Colorado with non-GMO ingredients.

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click to enlarge Zendo Edibles - WWW.ZENDOEDIBLES.COM
Zendo Edibles
Zendo Edibles

Zendo’s philosophy is that nature provides all that we need to be healthy and happy, in both food and mind-altering substances. Staying away from traditional baked goods and candies, Zendo makes more grown-up snacks and products, with flavored almonds, peanut butter and infused coconut oil so you can get creative.

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