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To the Columbine Reader

The writings of Eric Harris presented here have never been published before. Some were typed on his computer, others are handwritten entries from a journal and a day planner. They include a detailed plan for the attack on Columbine, below; a vicious declaration of hate and racism ("I'm full of hate and I love it"); a letter prepared for Harris's court-ordered anger management class, with sentiments contradicted by his secret rage over his arrest for burglary ("Natural Selection"); private musings about sex, violence and the thrill of buying guns ("surrounded by the flesh of a woman"); and other rantings about self-awareness. A final sketch in Harris's day planner shows how he would rig his clothing with bombs and weapons on April 20, 1999, the day of the Columbine shootings. back


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"It would be great if god removed..."

"WII, vietnam, duke and doom all mixed together..."

"Hate! I'm full of hate and I love it."

Anger Management

Natural Selection

"...surrounded by the flesh of a woman..."

"I hate the fucking world so much..."

Day Planner Entry