The best reason to have Jamie Moyer in the Colorado Rockies clubhouse is that he's a good pitcher with the team's best earned-run average. The second best reason is that it means the Rockies hitters don't have to face him.

Moyer, this week's cover subject, and, at age 49, the oldest man to ever win a game in major league baseball, is currently playing in his 26th season. He's been around for so long that he's now older than half of the game's general managers, and eight of its managers, many of whom have taken at-bats against him (see: bottom of the baseball card; he owned the St. Louis Cardinals' Mike Matheny).

During his career, Moyer has effectively shut down many of the Rockies best hitters. Troy Tulowitzki; Jason Giambi; Todd Helton. All have struggled, with one exception: Marco Scutaro, the relatively unsung second baseman who has given Moyer the most trouble. A solid, if unspectacular journeyman, Scutaro hits like a Hall-of-Famer when Moyer is on the mound. Fortunately for the rest of the Rockies hitters, when he is on the mound it's in the same purple and black uniform they're wearing.

Read more about Moyer in this week's cover story: "For 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer, slow and steady wins the game."

-- Caleb Hannan

- Players appear in order of plate appearances.
- All information is from Baseball Reference


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