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Fourplay: Tampa

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  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Running Time: 17 min.
  • Director: Kyle Henry
  • Cast: Jose Villarreal, Carlos Trevino, Paul Soileau, Sammy DeSilva, Christeene, Michael Crockett, Michael Dalmon
  • Writer: Carlos Trevino

When transsexual sex worker Aliya (Paul Soileau) lubes the foot of a paraplegic client and sits on his big toe, Fourplay finally lives up to the promise of its fantastic opening title sequence--a montage of erotic paintings and photos from around the world and throughout the ages depicting all manner of sex and sexual couplings. Until then, this quartet of largely queer-themed shorts from director Kyle Henry, who's shown the films in festivals around the world (including at Cannes) is surprisingly lackluster. "Skokie," about an overweight lesbian with a crush on a married choir mate, skirts condescension; "Austin," featuring a role-playing straight couple's adventure in a porn arcade, almost argues the tediousness of heterosexuality; a short-dicked man's restroom cruising escapades in "Tampa" is cliché-ridden until its faux-outrageous climax. Only "San Francisco," the surprisingly moving clip with Aliya, is more than a reheated serving of what might have been outré in '80s or '90s queer shorts.

Ernest Hardy

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