Fourplay: Tampa (NR)

Comedy 17
By Ernest Hardy
When transsexual sex worker Aliya (Paul Soileau) lubes the foot of a paraplegic client and sits on his big toe, Fourplay finally lives up to the promise of its fantastic opening title sequence—a montage of erotic paintings and photos from around the world and throughout the ages depicting all manner of sex and sexual couplings. Until then, this quartet of largely queer-themed shorts from director Kyle Henry, who's shown the films in festivals around the world (including at Cannes) is surprisingly lackluster. "Skokie," about an overweight lesbian with a crush on a married choir mate, skirts condescension; "Austin," featuring a role-playing straight couple's adventure in a porn arcade, almost argues the tediousness of heterosexuality; a short-dicked man's restroom cruising escapades in "Tampa" is cliché-ridden until its faux-outrageous climax. Only "San Francisco," the surprisingly moving clip with Aliya, is more than a reheated serving of what might have been outré in '80s or '90s queer shorts.
Kyle Henry Jose Villarreal, Carlos Trevino, Paul Soileau, Sammy DeSilva, Christeene, Michael Crockett, Michael Dalmon Carlos Trevino


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