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  • The film tells the story of a terrorized woman in a mental hospital who’s trying to convince the staff and patients that she shouldn’t be there and is being held against her will

  • Even as Maoz seems to be addressing his themes head on, he’s cleverly setting up the conditions for tragedy, and when it hits, it’s somehow both shocking and inevitable

  • Here is a movie made for and about the people who believe they are the essence of American normalcy, a movie that dutifully flatters and celebrates them even as it works to expand who that normalcy actually includes

  • It’s fun stuff, but in a deeply corrosive way — daring to suggest that people engaged in a soul-sickening endeavor will find, well, their souls sickened

  • Uthaug’s film, like the recent reboot of the video-game series, gives us a grittier Lara Croft, one stripped of the advantages of her wealth and all bruised up from the rigors of her adventure

  • Based on a 1928 stage drama by R.C. Sherriff, Journey's End is the tight, claustrophobic story of a British infantry company just days before Operation Michael, a major German military offensive. The pervasive sense of dread is belied by...

  • As the writer/director of Ingrid Goes West and now the writer -- along with Alex McAulay and Max Winkler -- of the teen comic drama Flower (directed by Winkler), Matt Spicer is claiming a niche as the go-to guy for adding drama and...

  • The art of Andy Goldsworthy is not about the complex systems of the natural world. Instead, it's in collaboration with them. Goldsworthy's projects -- in the woods of Scotland, the streets of Edinburgh, the cliffs of Gabon -- often flow from...

  • Like the friendship at its heart, Cory Finley's superbly controlled rich-kid noir Thoroughbreds gets more complex and intense as it develops. The leads are a pair of posh Connecticut prep school teens, Lily (Split's Anya Taylor-Joy)...


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