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  • There's a sign posted near the front door of the hi-dive that lists Esme Patterson as the headliner. The opener is listed simply as "Friends of Esme." There have been rumors and even informal... More >>

  • Ivory Circle's five-song debut EP, Entropy, was a poignant and heartfelt effort that showcased Connie Hong's strong songwriting skills while also demonstrating the dynamism of her vocals, which... More >>

  • It's evident from the start on Euforquestra's fourteen-track LP, Fire, that the cats in this sextet are serious about the funk. The Fort Collins-by-way-of-Iowa City act kicks into gear on the... More >>

  • If IDM artists like Plaid and Squarepusher had access to less complicated equipment and were born in the 1990s, they might come up with something like Lockbox's Prince Soul Grenade. Is it... More >>

  • Deep Dreams can be viewed as a semi-transitional album for Sara Century, as it was written in part after she started incorporating keyboards and samples into her songwriting. Still intact,... More >>

  • Sports Authority Field at Mile High is often filled with fans who provide unfaltering support for their home team, who come out in droves and weather malicious snowstorms, biting wind and... More >>

  • Intentionally recorded in super-lo-fi mode, Already Dead's I Want to See You Rot delivers the kind of sound that will never be fully appropriated by the mainstream. Though musically different... More >>

  • As guitarist and pedal-steel player for 4H Royalty, Jamie Mitchell undoubtedly knows his way around the alt-country. That fact is also in evidence early on his seven-song disc Love Songs of the... More >>

  • The four tracks on the Friends From the Bar EP actually do sound like an attempt to capture a meeting at a bar somewhere — in Berlin, maybe. If there is an overarching style here, it seems... More >>

  • The weed-laced sagacity of Whygee's delivery and Gypdahip's crisp, deep-crate samples are a natural pairing. Don't wander into their joint release, called Please Forgive Us, looking for Top 40.... More >>

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