10 weirdest music news stories of 2010

2010 has been an aggressively weird year in music news. It seemed like no matter where we turned musicians were saying and doing the strangest damn things. From decrying the most popular thing in the world to talking people off of buildings, it was a wacky year to report. There was so much weirdness we had to take a microscope to the last year in news to find the strangest of the bunch. Click through to find our picks, and be sure to let us know if we forget anything.

10 weirdest music news stories of 2010

10. T.I. talks a man off a bridge

In October, rapper T.I. managed to talk a suicidal man off a 22-story building. As the story goes, T.I. heard the news on the radio, called in to offer his help and then shot a video to commemorate the event. Curiously, it was just a day before T.I. was scheduled to be sentenced for drug related charges.

10 weirdest music news stories of 2010

9. Kanye West becomes a meme

Kanye West has always been a spotlight-hogging artist, but when he decided to get himself a Twitter account, things were bumped up to a whole new level. Not only was his constant stream of banality a hot topic for conversation, it ended up becoming a meme in the form of New Yorker style images being coupled with his tweets. Then he released his album to critical acclaim and disappeared, just like a good meme should.

10 weirdest music news stories of 2010

8. Some band stops traffic on the 101 in L.A.

A once no-name band going by the name of Imperial Stars decided the best way to garner some publicity for their act was to block traffic on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. The result? They were arrested, and their Myspace following jumped from 115 friends to 1660 -- and they ended up earning felony conspiracy charges.

10 weirdest music news stories of 2010

7. Everyone hates Glee. Everyone loves Glee

American has spoken and America loves Glee. The show that turns songs into show tunes has been a non-stop hit maker destroying the Billboard charts, but not everyone was into it this year. In fact, the Red Hot Chili Peppers said "hell no," to the show when they approached them about using their songs. Immediately after that Gorillaz/Blur front man Damon Albarn preemptively declined to allow his songs on the show, then went on to record an album on an iPad for no apparent reason.

10 weirdest music news stories of 2010

6. Wyclef Jean tries to run for President of Haiti

On August 6, Wyclef Jean announced he would be running for President in Haiti. On September 21, he ended that effort. Why did the former Fugees singer bow out? His publicist said it was so he could promote his new album. Oh, and he was disqualified by the Haitian government.

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