1090 Club

With wide-eyed innocence and cockeyed optimism, the 1090 Club -- straight outta rock mecca Billings, Montana -- invites you to its loose-limbed, attitude-at-the-door pop-rock party. Guitarist Sean Lynch, pianist Mike Galt, violinist Megan Dibble and drummer Steve Serfazo enthusiastically attack their songs with a refreshing lack of assumption and an endearing naiveté that recalls a better-medicated Metal Hearts, a more dignified Jonathan Richman or a less tone-deaf Beat Happening. Without drawing too much attention to itself, Dibble's violin adds unique melodic spice, while Galt -- an erstwhile English professor -- ladles on tension and pathos without joining the stereotypically bombastic, tear-jerking fray. All four musicians lend their voices to the compositions, creating a friendly, collaborative vibe. With mouth corners upturned and brows furrowed, the members of 1090 Club craft cheery revelry rock with just enough melancholy to let you know they're thinking. Although they hail from just outside of Yellowstone, these Big Sky residents turn out to be more like teddy bears than grizzlies.


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