18 Wheeler

Rockabilly is an especially specific genre. Despite technological advances in hair goop in the past fifty years or so, the style hasn't deviated too much from slicked-up pompadours and thumping slap-bass lines (even psychobilly counterparts remain true to the general approach). Take stylized guitar riffs and bop 'em out with surf-pop drumbeats, and you've got the archetypal rockabilly sound -- nostalgia to the point of nausea. But that's the lure of retro rock, and 18 Wheeler is one hell of a squirming, greased-up bait. Charmed Life is modern, tattoo-friendly rockabilly, rampant with old rhythm-and-blues twang and twist-n-shout choruses. From classically named tracks like "Let's Bop" to "Hot Rod Man," 18 Wheeler keeps experimentation at a minimum while channeling the spirits of Bill Haley and Buddy Holly. It's wild dance-hall rebellion the way its been done before -- right down to the whiskey-soaked mantras and good ol' American-boy charm.


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