29th Street Disciples

While their name might sound like that of a shopping-mall religious cult, the 29th Street Disciples (due at Monkey Mania this Friday, November 16) are actually one of Denver's fastest, hardest and loudest punk bands. With righteous indignation and seething disdain, vocalist Ben Roy — who, oddly enough, can also be seen doing standup comedy around town — rages against machines and phonies while guitarist Eli Molyneux and drummer Justin Carlson provide a hurtling, relentless musical foundation of boot-to-the-face hardcore that borrows from the blistering traditions of late-'80s Chicago and New York. The brutal outfit's secret weapon, however, is nimble bassist Tim Erwin. Deftly and deafeningly fingering his five-stringed low-end beast, Erwin brings together jazz finesse and metal brawn for a sound that is as virtuosic as it is visceral. Throw his bass lines together with the reckless energy of Molyneux and Carlson, add Roy's blunt-force bluster, and the result is about as far from mall punk as you can get.


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