Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, the twosome behind 3OH!3, are to subtle musicianship what hot dog-scarfer Takeru Kobayashi is to table manners. The sounds on their debut CD are blessedly loud, proud and goofy.

Applying the term "production values" to the disc seems pointless, since the electro-instrumentation featured here probably cost about a sawbuck to capture. Not that it matters: The music works because nothing cock-blocks the hyper-enthused declamations of Motte and Foreman, whose Caucasian spin on crunk craziness is funny and infectious in equal measure. "Holler Til You Pass Out" and "Chokechain" may be the prime attractions, but they're nearly matched by "I'm Not Comin' to Your Party, Girl" and "Don't Dance," featuring the line "Shake it like you 'bout to get paid!"

Hard to tell how much long green will be generated by 3OH!3. After all, there's no guarantee it'll connect with listeners outside Colorado. But if it doesn't, that's the other 49 states' loss.




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