3OH!3 heads an all-local bill at the Fillmore

An all-local bill at the Fillmore is so rare it's practically apocryphal. Transforming from something of a joke between college buddies into one of the hottest acts in the country, 3OH!3 is one of the few recent local acts with the draw and clout to put together such a show. Fortunately, the Boulder-based jokesters didn't assemble a lineup of identical-sounding bands. The Pirate Signal, for example, trades in forceful, socially conscious hip-hop, while the Photo Atlas deals in a brand of dance punk that's as fragile as it is kinetic, and Meese's earnest piano rock is as easily digestible as soft-serve ice cream. Although 3OH!3 is the senior partner here, all four acts (due this Saturday, December 19, at the Fillmore Auditorium) are popular in their own right, and this is your chance to see them all under one roof.


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