3OH!3 in Entertainment Weekly

3OH!3 in Entertainment Weekly

This just in... 3OH!3 has officially reached ubiquity, as evidenced by its appearance in the October 3 edition of Entertainment Weekly (the one with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the cover re-creating the controversial New Yorker illustration). As if there was any doubt, Boulder's most unlikely superstars clearly continue to have this shit on lock, with its principals, Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, prominently plastered on page 12, clad in loin cloths, with grease paint on their faces, throwing up their signature hand sign. While God only knows what the get ups are all about -- the photo was reportedly snapped on the set of their "Don't Trust Me" video -- we can't wait to see what the boys have cooked up for the idiot box. -- Dave Herrera

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