It'll be just like this, only on your computer screen!
It'll be just like this, only on your computer screen!
Aaron Thackeray

3OH!3 streaming Sunday's Warped Tour show live on web

Well, Warped Tour is officially underway, wending its way through California on its first handful of dates. Sunday, Warped will be in Ventura, California and on that particular date (and no other, if this is to be believed) 3OH!3 will bring its patented brand of madness to the pop-punk throngs that surely adore them.

And if you're dying to see 3OH!3 on Warped, but can't fly to Ventura for Sunday's show, you are in luck. The 3OH!3 boys are harnessing the power of the Interwebs to bring the show right into your lap(top computer).

The band's set will be streamed live (the exact set time is TBD, but hey, you didn't have anywhere to be anyway, did you?), exclusively at its website, absolutely free. Turn off the air conditioning, invite a couple of fourteen-year-old girls over and jump around in front of the computer until you're all sweaty and it will be just like being there!


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