3OH!3's debut single, "Don't Trust Me," goes platinum

3OH!3's debut single, "Don't Trust Me," goes platinum

Looks like 3OH!3's debut single, "Don't Trust Me," can now officially be considered a smash, having purportedly sold one million digital copies. For those of you who've recently unthawed after being cryogenically frozen for the past decade or so, that is the modern-day equivalent of selling a million CD singles or, if you want to go back even further, cassingles. However you slice it, that's a hell of a lot of bandwith and a nice chunk of change, wouldn't you say? With all the exposure these guys have gotten, you'd think they'd be all, oh, I don't know, starstruck or something. Uh, actually, come to think of it, they are. Or is that the name of the next single? Confused? Yeah, us, too. Fortunately, the guys gave MTV the scoop. See the clip after the jump.


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