45 Second Reviews: Fischerspooner, Four Letter Lie, Mia Doi Todd, Pastor Troy

Fischerspooner The Best Revenge EP Kitsune

01:45-02:30 of “The Best Revenge”

It appears that Fischerspooner is back on the dance train, trying to gain popularity back by releasing a single that is uninspired and sounds kind of like an electronic Peter Gabriel song. It’s hard to “update” a sound you stole from the '80s huh? Fischerspooner, dude, I’m sorry, but you and the Faint are going on a double date with Ladytron and Adult to some type of washed up ex-electronica wasteland where the Devil plays the Chill Out series on repeat and the streets are made of Moogs.

Four Letter Lie What a Terrible Thing to Say Victory Records

02:20-03:05 of “Pretty/Ugly”

Oh my! I’m very surprised to hear something like this on Victory Records. They don’t ever seem to release singer/screamer records that owe their careers to the hundreds of thousands of little screamo bands that used to be running around the midwest.

Mia Doi Todd Gea City Zen

01:00-01:45 of “River of Life/ The Yes Song”

Aw blast – apparently this isn’t a song about the amazing band Yes. Every time I see the word “Yes” in the context of music I automatically assume it’s going to be about the band – with flowing capes and anxious keyboard solos. Why? Because I’m obsessed. Have you seen Rick Wakeman on Ice? My goodness, that was adventurous rock-and-roll.

Pastor Troy Attitude Adjuster Real Talk Entertainment

00:00 to 00:45 of “Street Law”

So, first and foremost this song begins with a loop of the Police’s “Message in a Bottle,” which seems a little weird – hasn’t everyone already heard that song enough? Anyway, Pastor Troy is trying to be all tough and shit on top of “Message in a Bottle” and it sounds a little ludicrous. The Police and being street tough just don’t go hand in hand, and I can’t take you seriously Mr. Troy.

-- Thorin Klosowski


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