A first look at 3OH!3's "Starstrukk" video

A first look at 3OH!3's "Starstrukk" video

Y'all remember that one time yesterday, when the dudes from 3OH!3 premiered their new video for "Starstrukk" on the internet, and people were all, like, ... uh, what's that? Oh, really, you missed it? Ah, too bad. Wait, what are we saying? You know what? So did we. Somehow, working overtime on this Showcase stuff, coupled with the fact that we're going to print a day earlier, the premier managed to completely slip past our radar. Not to worry. We've since screened it and we're happy to report that it's pretty cool -- well, that is if you're into seeing a bunch of random people dog piling on each other, with extreme close ups of their interlinked legs and arms and junk rubbing all up against each other. The hypersexualized clip comes off like a particular randy game of Twister (see the lass munching a banana while laying in some dude's nether region). Have a look after the jump.


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