A first look at the Heyday's new video

A first look at the Heyday's new video

The Heyday sure has come a long way from when we first wrote about the outfit more than two years ago. Back then, the guys were greener than an Irish hillside in the summertime, having played less than a dozen shows. Since then, the act has crisscrossed the country countless times and developed into a seasoned outfit, one whose songwriting ability is finally matched by its musicianship. The Heyday just finished its first video for the song that first caught our attention, "Come In or Stay Out." Check out the clip, directed by Rod Blackhurst -- the one-time merch guy turned photographer and filmaker, who produced Fair Fight, an eighty-minute documentary focusing on the Fray, and The Fray: There & Back, a coffee table book documenting the rise of Denver's biggest export.

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