A Melodic Daydream

Putting your heart on your sleeve is one thing — but Fort Collins's A Melodic Daydream takes it a big step further. Fronted by the songwriting couple LnZ Kaid and Chris Newton, the group has packed its new eight-song disc, A Little Weird, with more unabashed emotion than most emo bands could dredge up in a lifetime. Luckily, it doesn't get in the way of the band's clear, uncluttered craft: Sounding oddly yet pleasantly enough like a modern-rock incarnation of Olivia Newton-John, Kaid darts through Newton's soaring, open chords while Colorado six-string legend Dave Beegle lends his lead guitar, keyboard and production skills to the impeccably melodic proceedings. Bursting with brightness and longing, A Little Weird ultimately delivers — even if the band kinda needs to get a room.


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