A Shoreline Dream

Everything is beautiful all the time. Say it again: Everything is beautiful all the time. If ever there was a collection of words that were meant to be together, it would be those six. And if ever there was a band that could aurally and successfully embody that mantra, it would be A Shoreline Dream. Featuring multi-instrumentalist Ryan Policky and drummer Gabriel Ratliff of the critically lauded Drop the Fear, A Shoreline Dream is a sonic upheaval of imaginations run rampant through white soundscapes and crash cymbals. Accompanied by guitarist Erik Jeffries and bassist Enoc Torraca, the act slow-dives through vast and layered expanses of instrumental air, making the electronica-fused currents that run through its self-titled EP feel as organic as dewy saltwater. A Shoreline Dream doesn't need comparisons to other post-prog and shoegaze whomevers: This band can stand on its own because it's already recognized one simple little phrase.


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