A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss

The latest release from A Shoreline Dream is an exploration of broader sonic vistas than those of the dream-pop wunderkinds' three excellent previous efforts. Essentially a single with two remixes, Neverchanger is a collaboration with noted German composer Ulrich Schnauss. The original track is a work of breathtaking depth that stirs the imagination and carries the listener into the outer reaches of inner space. Layers of electronic and conventional instrumentation are seamlessly bound together to produce textures both soothing and electrifying. The Cacheflowe remix is dub-like in its emphasis on percussion, while Jap Jap's remix is delicately hypnotic, ensuring a revelatory, rather than repetitive, listen. Until Shoreline's next full-length album is released, this is a rich taste of what's to come.


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