Abe Vigoda

The members of Southern California quartet Abe Vigoda are way too young to remember Fish from Barney Miller. So it's possible they chose their name after watching the namesake actor get his eyebrows tugged by baby Mikey in Look Who's Talking. Actually, the act's deconstructed punk, polished with spurts of dance-ready island pop, often feels as woolly as those caterpillar brows. But the similarities end there. While Vigoda's older releases, such as Sky Route/Star Roof, sound undernourished, the claustrophobic, gastronomical video for "All Night and Day" (watch it on YouTube) finds the act tighter than ever — though still awkward, lovable and a tad frightening, all in that teenage way. Vigoda shares the bill with John Thill, a fellow Californian of the defunct psychedelic three-piece Quem Quaeritis, which was known for playing live shows packed inside a single tent. Word has it that Thill will be playing this Monday's show cozied up in a sleeping bag.


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